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Our Story

The Tamarat journey began in Saida, Lebanon, in 2018 built on the foundation of a long standing family history of dates trading and distribution. The Kalash family started trading dates in 1989 under the brand name Rayan Dates. Rayan Dates has become well known in the Lebanese wholesale market and is also being exported abroad. Tamarat is the family's new venture which builds on top of the family's origin and expands its product line into a luxury retail brand offering the highest quality date based desserts.  
We offer a comprehensive range of hand-crafted delicacies such as organic raw dates, premium dark chocolate dipped dates, stuffed dates and a variety of unique date infused cakes and tarts.


Our mission is to build on the versatility of a humble fruit that satisfies your sweet tooth and provides you with many beneficial nutrients. 
Some call dates "nature's candy" and given the fruit's sweet caramel notes and tender chew, its easy to see why. Unlike commercial confections, they are rich in nutrients including potassium and calcium, and full of fiber.